Dent Removal

Auto Art provides the highest quality service in Chicago. We bring over 18 years of body & paint industry experience. Since 2006 we have also been doing PDR (paintless dent removal).
PDR stands for Paintless Dent Removal. It is the process of using specially designed tools to gently applying pressure to the back of the dent to move the metal back to its original condition.
It’s quicker, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly than traditional auto body work with the added benefit of retaining your vehicle’s original finish.
Without getting too in depth with the technical side of the process, basically what we do is the same thing an auto body man does on the outside of the metal, we just do it on the inside. Using tooling specific to the trade we “massage” the damaged metal back to its factory condition. Since the repair is done from the inside there is no need for paint. The greatest benefits to this process are: the integrity of the factory finish is preserved, the repair can usually be done in a matter of hours and the savings are anywhere from 50-75% less than that of getting the damage repaired at an auto body and paint shop (conventional repair).

We repair all makes and models of vehicles.

Auto Art Inc guarantees your satisfaction with written lifetime warranty, that our work will be free from defects, rust and corrosion.